Warlizard Gaming Forum

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While reviewing our sites analytics, I noticed one of the top phrases our visitors are searching for is “Warlizard gaming forum joke”. Naturally, I felt that an explanation was in order.

You see, many years ago, there was a prankster on the popular forum site, reddit.com, called /u/makesyougooglethings. This prankster had been trolling a well known member of the reddit community who goes by the handle /u/Warlizard, convincing him that there was a gaming forum website called the Warlizard Gaming Forum. When the prank came to light, it was front page news on reddit, and to this day, members of the reddit community constantly¬†ask Warlizard, “Are you from the Warlizard Gaming Forum?”

At the time, I was still just a fledgling web developer, and I had a lot of time on my hands. So I saw this as an opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of the joke, while also honing my web design skills. So in a single night, I built WarlizardGaming.com. I even sought the approval of Warlizard himself, which he consented with the understanding that I leave a permanent link to his book on the home page. It’s a great read, so I gladly obliged.

And that’s how an inside joke turned into a real website. Now if only I could find some reliable volunteers to run it.


Update: After dealing with security issues and spammers for months, I finally decided to take the site down. It was using too much bandwidth (both the server’s and mine) despite not having a single legitimate user. I still own the domain, warlizardgaming.com, and have been in touch with Warlizard to discuss what we should do with it in the future, but for now the site will remain offline.